16 February 2011

I am on my way

So, I hung out with my quilt psychologist, and truly basted my quilt ... it is on its way.

Now, I am staring at it ... what to do now? Lol 

I have become fascinated with the ways people baste their quilts. I recently met someone who tapes her backing to the floor and pins the layers on top.

Andrea and I clamp the quilt to her table as tightly as we can, and then pin.

I wish I could see how other quilters baste their quilts. It could be an interesting study.

25 January 2011

What a Dream

I don't have a sewing room ... I wish I did. What a fun place to have ... where NO ONE CAN TOUCH YOUR STUFF. One day, I will have one. So, I am living vicariously through my friend. I have to show you a picture. Everytime she looks at this, she thinks about how much she has to do. When I see the this room, I think of how much I could create if it all belonged to me!

I always feel like I am in a private quilt shop! I love it.

And one day, when I am all grown up, I shall have one a lot like this one!

15 January 2011

The Tools We Use to Create

I love my machine. It is nearly as old as I am, but it saw me through the horrors of high school, the craziness of college, the loneliness of living on my own, and the downside of divorce.

And like me ... it is still kicking.

Someone said to me ... why don't you just go and buy a better machine? I will, someday, but this machine can sew tulle as well as it can sew upholestery fabric. It can make a quilt or a pair of pants, and it never whines, complains, or worse yet, beeps at me. And it goes FAST.
Someone else teased me, saying that it looked like the machines on the Mrs. Sew and Sew fabric. I don't care. This machine got knocked over by a two year old and survived! The worst thing that happened is the curlicue feeder on the above picture got bent. But I picked it up and started sewing right after the incident!

I love my machine. I think I will name her Serenity. (Because I also love alliteration!)

13 January 2011

Too Pretty to Unwrap

See this pretty package? Isn't it gorgeous?

This is my Christmas gift to Noelle because every time we went into our favorite fabric store, she would go straight for the sea turtles.

Yes ... I said sea turtles.

What does a seven-year old born in land-locked Ohio, growning up in Southeast Michigan, know about sea turtles? I have no earthly idea. But she is so excited about this fabric. So excited that ...

She still hasn't opened it.

Oh well, someday, I suppose!